When you think of chocolate, you think of indulgence and absolute delight. Nothing compares to the soothing feeling of breaking off a piece from a chocolate bar and eating it. Adding CBD to your chocolate is a great way to enhance these feelings. And it gives you an even more amazing feeling with added effects that lasts even longer.

However, hearing anything regarding cannabis can be intimidating and scary at first. Adding something as sacred as chocolate into the mix makes things even more frightening.

There is an array of different CBD Chocolates in The USA, like CBD chocolate bars, CBD dark chocolate and CBD milk chocolate. Continue reading to hear about the different kinds of extracts they use in their products and what effects they have.

CBD Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars are a classic. They are great for saying sorry, as a birthday gift or even just to mend a broken heart. CBD Chocolate bars have even more benefits that can actually help you in the long run. CBD chocolate can also help to recover from injuries, however, be sure to know what medicine is safe to take with CBD.

Here’s a list of the best bars available in the USA.

Lulu’s Chocolate

Lulu's CBD ChocolateIf you are a lover of chocolate, but you’re also super conscious about your sugar intake, Lulu’s is perfect for you. Lulu’s uses organic, unroasted (raw) cocoa that adds a unique and unfiltered experience to your chocolate CBD consumption.

Cannabis and chocolate share something called Anandamide, which is also known as “the bliss chemical” in the brain. Anandamide in chocolate that’s infused with CBD makes for a wonderful experience of pure bliss. They also offer CBD bars with added terpenes (a compound found in plants like Marijuana, known to reduce stress and offer relief from pain).

They don’t ship internationally, however, they do offer free shipping for orders over $150 within the United States.

Veggimins CBD

CBD can be infused with a lot of things, both edible and not. Veggimins have a lot of different products like CBD oil, chocolate and more that can really help with sleep deprivation or to relieve pain.

They have two kinds of chocolates enhanced with extra ingredients for added effects. They have coffee enhanced chocolate which is made from raw cocoa and a blend of euphoria-inducing and mood-enhancing superfoods. Perfect when you need to be uplifted.

Another hemp chocolate bar they offer for when you need to unwind, is reish and holy basil enhanced chocolate. It’s also made from raw cocoa and a blend of mood-elevating and restorative plant extracts.

Vital Leaf Chocolate

The name says it all. This health and wellness-driven distributor sources the best organic, plant-based and fair traded ingredients to create CBD chocolate bars that will suit the needs of anyone who requires it.

Vital leaf infuses their chocolate bars with phytocannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum hemp extract. Phytocannabinoids are natural compounds found in cannabis and once you consume this from a CBD Chocolate bar, the effects can be therapeutic.

They have three main flavours to choose from: classic dark chocolate, roasted hazelnut and sea salt and dark toasted quinoa crunch. You can also get their products in bulk (a case of 12 bars) or as a case of three mini chocolate bars.

CBD Dark Chocolate

Everybody knows, the darker the chocolate, the richer the taste, so why not add another element into the mix? Many CBD Chocolate artisans and distributors make CBD dark chocolate to not only give you the effects of CBD but also to make you feel luxurious whilst indulging.

Grön CBD Chocolate

Gron CBD ChocolateIt’s pronounced “grew-n”, which is Swedish for green. However, don’t let the name scare you – it might keep you from getting their amazing CBD products. One of these delicious products is their CBD dark chocolate.

They offer chocolates that can be used to calm you down, which makes it great chocolate for anxiety, or even to help one fall asleep. Or if you’re just feeling fancy, you can get the dark chocolate with sea salt.

The chocolate is made from broad-spectrum hemp extract to promote calmness. It contains Valerian root which is a herb from Europe and Asia that promotes relaxation, as well as Anandamide to reduce stress. The cocoa they use is sustainably sourced and they pride themselves on their ecological endeavours. They are based in Portland, Oregon.

Bhang Chocolates

There’s nothing like eating chocolate with a bang! Bhang CBD is another distributor that focuses on health as their focal point is about providing your body with the power to heal itself. Their chocolate has no psychoactive effects and can be advantageous for your body.

The products are made with natural ingredients and have no preservatives. It’s all the good feelings, with none of the health risks. They have two options to choose from when you buy CBD chocolate from Bhang. The chocolate is vegan and made with full-spectrum blended hemp oil.

Veggimins CBD

Organically made chocolate is their passion and they love to supply their customers with a lot of love… literally! You can buy heart-shaped CBD dark chocolate made from raw cocoa, coconut sugar and cocoa butter. You’ll definitely feel the love with these chocolates.

Infused with pure CBD oil, chocolate from this brand strives to be packed with antioxidants. You can get these dark chocolate hearts in 60mg or 300 mg hemp extract.

CBD Milk Chocolate

This is the most classic form of chocolate and is a favourite to all ages. The sweet and creamy goodness from milk chocolate can only enhance the wonderful effects of CBD and other hemp extracts.

Cannabinoid Creations

Cannabinoid Creations CBD ChocolateWhat started as a last resort for pain relief after narcotics failed to provide it, blossomed into a CBD infused edible distributor that prides itself on helping consumers recover from injuries. Cannabinoid Creations supply infused soda, water, hard candy, syrup and of course, chocolate.

Each of their packets of chocolate has 4 pieces and comes in “Regular Strength” and “Ultra Strength”, which makes pain relief almost guaranteed. The chocolates are made with the finest industrial hemp to ensure satisfaction. This CBD chocolate’s effects can be relieving.

Satori Chocolates

Satori’s Chocolates actually have CBD and THC infused chocolates depending on your preference. These cannabis-infused chocolate bites are handcrafted from globally sourced ingredients to create a smooth and unique experience for the consumer. These bites embody the idea of therapeutic CBD chocolate.

The bites actually have really interesting flavours like satori smores, strawberries in milk chocolate and fast-acting strawberries in milk chocolate. All their chocolate is infused with cannabis oil, but the fast-acting CBD milk chocolate has an added ingredient called Vesisorb.

Vesisorb is a high-potency, broad-spectrum hemp extract that can be absorbed in the body faster and more efficiently. The added ingredient helps it last longer and kicks in quicker. It yields results much quicker than normal CBD.

Novi, Michigan is home to this distributor and they ship all over the united states. The products promise the consumer a full-flavour snackable revolution that sets them aside from everyone else. This is why they call themselves CBDifferent.

CBD Chocolate Review

Specific brands always make their chocolate in their own way. Sometimes they add extra ingredients like Anandamide or they use extracts that have specific effects like Phytocannabinoids. These are to get specific results catering to groups of people who have special needs. Whether you are looking to relieve stress, sleep better or recover from an injury, these chocolates could help you. All you really need to do is try and see if CBD products fit your needs.