Let’s face it – it sucks being stuck without your grinder. Every other method seems to take ages and be a waste of time, leaving you with an uneven scattering of small and large bud pieces.

To combat these moments of inconvenience, we’ve put together a guide of different ways to turn that sticky bud into ready-to-roll, finely ground weed all in a matter of minutes so that you don’t have to stress a minute further.

Grinding Weed without a Grinder

While nothing quite does the trick of a nice metal grinder, there are a number of quick fixes for when you’re in a pinch. Here are a few simple options you’ll almost surely be able to manage with items within arm’s reach:

How to Grind Up Weed with Scissors

One of the most popular ways to grind up weed outside of using a grinder is using scissors. It’s simple, fast, and the resin from your buds can build up on your scissors making for a nice little treat every time you clean them.

Simply place your buds in a small cup, or preferably a shot glass, holding it in one hand and covering the mouth with your thumb and index finger. Next, place your scissors into the glass and start cutting. Your weed should be finely ground in no time, and any large stems will hopefully be cut down to size.

How to Grind Weed by Hand

This is one of the more old school ways to grind up your weed, which you may have seen some of your friendly OG smokers do from time to time. This method isn’t very efficient, and takes a long time, but can be a fun way to pass the time while chatting, feeling a little therapeutic while getting some sweet, buddy aromas on your fingers.

Cup the palm of your non-dominant hand and crush your buds into it. Use the fingers of your free hand to make a mortar-and-pestle-style movement for a few seconds, and then flatten the weed between your hands and rub it like you’re trying to warm your hands. You may want to keep a plate or rolling tray at the ready to catch anything you’ve dropped.

Keep repeating this until you feel your buds have reached a stage where they’re ready to roll. You’ll likely have quite a bit of resin on your hands, so make sure you wash them properly before shaking hands with any conservatives who might have something to say about it (or don’t!).

Grinding Weed with a Knife

Cutting your buds with a knife is common in places like Jamaica and Southern Africa, where the bud quality can be lower due to improper curing practices. This one’s pretty straightforward – just place your buds on a chopping board and start cutting.

The best method is to cut it like you would a clove of garlic – very thin, with lots of hand involvement to keep the chopping surface at its maximum. Be careful, of course, not to cut your fingers. A flat-edged knife would likely be a lot easier to use for this than a serrated one.

Ways to Grind Weed for Edibles

When making edibles, you’ll find your THC will be best extracted, and your edibles most potent, when your plant matter is well-ground up. This way, it will have a larger surface area to better decarboxylate and infuse with whatever carrier you’re using.

Beware, however, of grinding your plant matter too fine, as this will make it easier to burn – the smaller the weed particles, the easier it will be for them to get hotter, faster.

How to Grind Weed with a Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder or spice grinder is a great way to reduce your weed to a powder that’s great for making infused oils and butter for recipes like cookies or brownies.

It’s a very simple process – just throw your plant matter in the coffee grinder and spritz until it looks very fine. Don’t be afraid to toss in some extra shake (little leftovers, seeds and stems) as a sharp coffee grinder should reduce these to nothing in an instant.

How to Grind Marijuana with a Blender

Using a blender is a similar process, however, it’s better suited to larger batches of bud, or those using trim or shake exclusively to make edibles.

Once again, you want to just let it do its thing until you’re met with an evenly fine product that isn’t too fluffy nor powdery, and looks like you’d still be able to roll a joint with it.

A touch of warm oil or alcohol works great for getting the last of the residue out of a blender or coffee grinder, as small particles will easily to stick to any surface that has even a hint of dampness to it.

The first ingredient you need to grind weed is the actual buds. if you are interested in growing your own weed follow this link to find the best sale on cannabis seeds online.

How to make a Makeshift Grinder

Making a makeshift grinder is something of a creative project, or very wishful last attempt since all the previous methods will work just as well if not better, but it’s an option nonetheless. To make a very simple makeshift grinder, you’ll need:

  • Two equal-sized plastic bottle caps
  • A few thumbtacks
  • Electrical or Sellotape

First, make sure the plastic bottle caps are clean. Push pins through the tops of them until the inside of each cap has a number of spikes poking through them. These spikes will be opposing, getting a hold of the inside of the buds and ripping them apart when turned in the opposite direction.

Depending on the kind of bottle lid and thumbtack you’re using, you may need to tape down some of the pins you place through them to keep them in place. Now, you’re just about ready to get grinding! Give it a try, and reinforce/add more pins where necessary.

Now you’ve reached the end of the guide you should be out of your sticky situation, and into some sticky-smoke-inhalation. Let us know how your grinding apparatus turned out, send in a photo or some feedback and let us know if they worked as well for you as they did for us!